In Family I Trust

In Family I Trust

Bea is a powerful architect who resides in Barcelona (Catalonia, north east to Spain) with her boyfriend and manager, Víctor, a CEO of an important business. During a night celebration appears anchorwoman and the famous TV reporter Rebecca Ramos, Victor's personal fantasy that is erotic. Maybe not quantifying the results of her activities due to the alcohol she drank, Bea leaves a gathering between Rebecca along with Víctor. When to this following day she wakes up, Víctor suggests to wed Bea and she takes, but later she arrives to the project, Bea learns about a video tape where Víctor and Rebecca create the love that it's in most TV channels. Infront of CEOs during the complete meeting, Bea slaps on Víctor and destroys design, being fired by the project. On the lookout for some slack, she journeys her subtropical town, Santa Clara, merely to find that her rest isn't so simple as it sounds: her bizarre, free-spirited and ceaseless smiling mother...

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